Combining Public Safety with Revenue Generation for Luton Borough Council

“We ran a very thorough procurement process to find an innovative solution that takes a holistic view of our security service delivery. Our recently updated control room is state-of-the-art – we want to make the most of it and ensure it’s run to the highest standard of operational excellence. It’s our duty to maintain this invaluable infrastructure as a public service – to make communities safer and aid police investigations.


“Synectics Security’s proposal has helped us create a system that can work at its best to improve public safety while contributing to its own upkeep. Ultimately, this means better value for money for taxpayers and an attractive service offering to local businesses and the wider community.”

Robin Porter, Corporate Director of commercial and transformation services at Luton Borough Council

Project Overview

Synectics Security has been in partnership with Luton Borough Council for over five years providing installation, commissioning, maintenance, monitoring, and staffing services.

Throughout this partnership, we have been able to implement a cutting-edge security control room which is available to be outsourced to other clients to generate income through the existing asset.

Despite the revenue generation possibilities, the key objective of this control room was to ensure the safety of the public within the town centre and surrounding areas. This saw a link between the local authority cameras and commercial environments such as The Mall shopping centre to ensure a comprehensive coverage of the area.

Customer Benefits

Synectics Security was able to provide substantial cost savings and revenue generation which worked towards the Council’s aim of achieving cost neutrality.

Complete ownership of control room functions to minimise the Council’s financial risk.

Deployment of cutting-edge, scalable and future proofed security management system.

Project Challenges

Operation of monitoring services
This project requirement was undertaken by SSS Management Services to provide consultancy services and monitor our performance against industry standards.

Management of downtime
Due to the significant upgrades to the recording and monitoring solutions downtime was unavoidable. However, Synectics Security worked with the Council to ensure this was kept to a minimum and scheduled accordingly to have minimal impact on security operations.