Translink (Northern Ireland’s public transport provider) has embarked on an exciting initiative to take advantage of the latest on-vehicle technology, investing to connect an initial tenth of their 1,400 strong fleet to Synectics’ cloud services solutions.

Working together in partnership with Translink, we quickly identified opportunities to improve safety and security on their fleet by connecting their vehicles remotely to our suite of secure cloud services; permitting the Translink team to view live and recorded images streamed from the vehicle over 4G or 5G in our secure, cloud hosted platform on any permitted device.

This instant access, helps speed the identification of and rapid response to incidents that may occur on the network, keeping passengers and employees safe, secure and on the move.

Synectics’ cloud services portfolio also allows users to use latest GIS mapping capability to ‘geofence’ any location and time period to quickly connect to vehicles and request recorded video clips over a secure 4G connection, vastly reducing the time taken to react to incidents, where previously access to recorded video and data could only be accessed once the vehicle returned to the depot.

We continue to work with Translink to invest in our connected vehicle solutions, with tailored remote condition monitoring capability to give real-time information on the health of the fleet, remote playback and real-time passenger counting capability. Whilst we continue to optimise existing features, our Evidence Locker improves the secure sharing of incident video and telematics data and ground-breaking analytics providing automatic facial redaction capability.



Synectics’ Cloud Services has been built from extensive experience of providing video-based incident management software, and end-to-end evidence management. This intuitive platform provides Translink access to “live” video and delivers seamless video footage management, which facilitates collaboration with both the emergency services and insurers.

  • Synectics’ Cloud Services is a feature rich solution which assists Translink with fleet-wide management, by providing access to;
  • Vehicle health data
  • Telematics
  • Historical route analysis
  • Incident creation
  • Video export

Delivering a unified ‘Connected Vehicle’ cloud software platform, supported by a service / maintenance contract enabled Translink to utilise both T2000 Virtual Machines or T2000 Network Video Recorder (NVR) as a deployed system and therefore, provided the flexibility to manage their IP CCTV on regional or per depot basis.



Synectics Cloud Evidence Locker is a designed IoT Video Management Software (VMS) that creates an efficient solution which enables CCTV analysts to remotely request and share footage in a cyber secure environment.


  • Provides a single platform for management of video downloads from T2000 NVR and legacy CCTV systems.
  • Reduces instances of fraudulent or 3rd party fault claims which ordinarily may have been settled, due to excessive time-period between event notification and footage download request.
  • Automated facial redaction which provides GDPR compliancy, negates the need for additional video manipulation software and reduces time processing subject access requests.
  • Provides a secure remote download request and sharing platform.
  • Removes the requirement to remove hard drives and delivers immediate cost savings through reduced human intervention.

“We are delighted at the progress we have made with fleet operators in Ireland and Northern Ireland over the last few years, especially in their adoption of our latest on-vehicle technologies. They have been quick to take advantage of the benefits of our connected vehicle and cloud services solutions, and we expect more franchised operators in mainland UK to follow in due course.”
Paul Webb, Chief Executive, Synectics plc