Synectics Security have worked in partnership with Trent Barton since 2006. Part of the Wellglade Group, Trent Barton operates over 200 buses across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire, operating for over 100 years.

Trent Barton’s fleet is predominantly equipped with Timespace V400 based CCTV solutions; however, working together, we identified their fleet required modernisation and therefore embarked on an upgrade programme to upgrade their on-bus systems to enable remote connectivity using Timespace’ LANLink application.



Trent Barton’s on-bus CCTV is critical in the management and investigation of insurance claims. Recognising the importance of efficient incident video footage availability, Trent Barton automated how they retrieve & manage incident footage to speed the process of claims investigation, helping to counteract spurious claims and substantially reduce their annual claims bill.



In 2021, Synectics Security worked in partnership with Trent Barton to design and implement a modernisation programme, installing dual radio 4G / WiFi routers to their fleet, located within their Nottingham and Derbyshire depots. These on-bus CCTV systems were configured and connected to Timespace LANLink application utilising the depot wireless network.

LANLink’s software platform manages remote connectivity to V400 and Timespace Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). Therefore, providing an efficient application to conduct remote CCTV health checks of, the system, its associated DVR’s and all connected cameras. LANlink automatically analyses the system and uses configured automation to provide remote reporting using “Live” system health analyser, which provides real time alert notifications of system detected faults.

Trent Barton now benefits from streamlined incident management protocols, whereby CCTV video footage uploads are remotely requested, from any location and video footage upload commences immediately when the vehicle is in connection range.

In making this investment to move to a connected fleet approach, Trent Barton have benefited from improved video footage management, efficient claims management, streamlined resource management, generating substantial operational cost savings.