Unobus (originally formed in 1992) is part of the University of Hertfordshire, who maintain a vehicle fleet of over 100 buses and provides transport services to the public, students and university personnel. Since 2006, Synectics Security have worked in partnership with Unobus to help keep their passengers, employees and vehicles safe, secure and on the move.



Synectics Security, in partnership with Unobus, developed a connected vehicle solution, upgrading existing and new vehicles to fit dual radio 4G / Wi-Fi routers, Timespace V400 Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and CCTV security systems.



Synectics Security standardised Unobus’s fleet at their Hatfield and Cranfield depots by designing and installing a connected CCTV solution based around Timespace’ V400 DVR, which was configured and connected to the Timespace LANLink application using dual radio 4G / Wi-Fi depot wireless and cellular network.

Timespace’ LANLink platform enabled Unobus to manage remote connectivity to V400 and Timespace DVR’s. Therefore, providing an efficient application to remotely request video footage and conduct remote CCTV health checks of; the system, its associated DVR’s and all connected cameras. LANlink automatically analyses the system and uses configured automation to provide remote reporting using a “Live” system health analyser, which provides real time alert notifications of any faults which need attention.

Unobus now benefits from streamlined incident management protocols; where video footage uploads are remotely requested, from any location and upload commences when the vehicle is in either depot wireless Wi-Fi range or instantly using the 4G cellular network.

LANLink provides Unobus with facilities to utilise Geo-fencing, which enables efficient management of video footage requests. Analysts are now able to select an area (on a digital map) and using time-based parameters, request video footage from either single or multiple vehicles, which entered the selected geographical location. Therefore, realising considerable time savings for both police subject access requests or insurance claims investigations.

In summary, Unobus have benefited from; improved video footage management, efficient claims management, streamlined resource management; generating considerable cost savings and efficiency benefits which can be reinvested to improve services for passengers.