Synectics Security is trusted to design, integrate and maintain solutions which keep inmates, staff and patients safe.

Few sectors could be more synonymous with security and surveillance than prisons and custodial facilities. Synectics Security has a strong heritage in this field and is trusted to design, integrate and maintain solutions which keep inmates, staff and – in the case of mental health units ‒ patients safe, whilst delivering robust and reliable estate-wide security in these highly complex settings.

Prisons and Custody Suites
Synectics Security has supported the Ministry of Justice for over thirty years. We regularly work across prison estates to develop solutions, standards, and project specifications tailored for varying security categories – from high security ‘CAT A’ facilities to Young Offender Institutions. We also work with many UK police forces to develop and install designs for Home Office compliant custody suite CCTV systems.

The challenges all these facilities face is significant. Camera coverage and image quality is essential for monitoring access to, and activity within, what can be vast, aging and even historic developments. Multiple blocks, security clearance zones and harsh/low and no light conditions, all necessitate care and thought with regards to camera type, placement and robustness (e.g. tamperproof solutions).

While cameras are crucial, integration is often key. In addition to facilitating gradual migration to IP/HD solutions ‒ while still delivering the ability to utilise analogue camera technology – intelligently-integrated systems offer whole site situational awareness and simplified event management.

Systems and technologies commonly integrated by, and managed within, a surveillance command and control solution include: cameras, Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS), access control, turnstiles/barriers, radio/communications, audio recording, biometrics, visitor management systems and video analytics.

Secure Mental Health Units
Applying the knowledge, experience and stringent technical capability we’ve acquired to broader custodial settings, has also seen us develop a strong reputation in the Secure Mental Health sector, with customers including UK high-security hospitals.

Access control integration – combining door control (video, card, biometric entry) and key management for wards, medical zones (including pharmacy facilities) and entrances/exits – with intruder detection and visitor management is a common requirement, as is the need to deploy and support electronic alarm systems ranging from assistance call points to mobile and body-worn technology (such as pagers and RFID) for people tracking.

Intelligent camera placement, quality and networking is vital and, by working with leading technology providers, we are able to ensure that product specifications meet exact location requirements, from non-ligature construction for improved patient safety, to hybrid surveillance command and control to support gradual IP migration.

Our ability to maintain, upgrade, replace and install solutions without any downtime or disruption to customer operations is also highly relevant and appealing to organisations working in this sensitive market.

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Access Control

Guard against unauthorised access.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Protect against intruders, vandalism and theft.

CCTV and Video Management Systems

Video surveillance tailored to your needs.

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