At Synectics Security we deliver peace of mind.

Data has become the backbone of modern society – the need to securely store it a priority which spans enterprises of all shapes, sizes and sectors.

As the principle repositories of digital information, and the vast array of IT hardware needed to store and manage it, data centres are both vital and vulnerable. Their importance to business, finance, industry and government makes them targets for disruptive attack; their complex operations susceptible to error. In either case, the ability to monitor, manage and mitigate risk, while safeguarding authorised access procedures is hugely important.

Adherence to strict standards and protocols is also a key feature of data centre environments, particularly as more and more organisations look to third-party data centres/cloud storage facilities. Looking after your organisation’s data is a challenge. Looking after someone else’s data is a responsibility.

At Synectics Security, we understand all these burdens and the measures required to deliver peace of mind.

From recommending and installing best of breed solutions, such as access control, perimeter detection, alarms and surveillance cameras, to designing multi-layer, end-to-end solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art security management systems, our team of accredited and experienced engineers can design, install and maintain your data centre security systems.

Our Solutions

Access Control

Guard against unauthorised access.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Protect against intruders, vandalism and theft.

CCTV and Video Management Systems

Video surveillance tailored to your needs.

Our Customers