Synectics Security’s solutions and services are used extensively by the UK banking and finance sector.

We ensure highly secure facilities and business zones – from trading floors to cash and data centres – are professionally protected in line with regulatory protocols.

Our flexible, supplier-agnostic approach and strong working relationship with leading manufacturers and software houses mean we are always able to specify the best solution for any given security requirement. For our banking and finance customers, that security requirement often revolves around access control.

Access control solutions are vital to the daily operations of large financial organisations, enabling them to enforce employee security clearances (particularly to sensitive trading floors), adhere to stringent data protection and physical security regulations specified by the FCA, and protect premises from malicious breach. We help customers implement, integrate, upgrade and maintain access control solutions to ensure continual compliance, and provide the framework to deliver this service across financial estates.

Our networking experience and ability to integrate complete physical and electronic security systems – encompassing perimeter and intruder detection, CCTV, security barriers and security management solutions – is also ideally suited to protecting entire corporate bases and sensitive ‘off location’ sites, including cash and data centres.

Upgrading and migrating solutions out of office hours with no system downtime as part of enhancement programmes; consolidating security command and control bases for remote, centralised management; deploying integrated systems with measures covering every aspect of site security from door entry to data storage. These are all projects Synectics Security has undertaken and why we regularly work with leading UK institutions.

Our Solutions

Access Control

Guard against unauthorised access.

CCTV and Video Management Systems

Video surveillance tailored to your needs.

Security Systems Integration

Comprehensive situational awareness.

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