Synectics Security is experienced at addressing the distinct needs of power generation facilities.

Nuclear facilities have to adhere to strict security measures and protocols to restrict and monitor access to critical equipment and prevent intruder breaches. They are also governed by, and employ, stringent safety processes that necessitate multiple layers of safeguarding systems and failover solutions to limit the risk of harm to life and environment in the event of an incident.

Synectics Security is experienced at addressing these distinct needs through the provision of security, safety and surveillance solutions but also through enabling data integration, remote site monitoring (a function often valuable for decommissioning or multi-site estate scenarios) and secure communication and control pathways for incident response.

We have the skill ‒ all our teams operating in this field are validated by the Nuclear Skills Passport ‒ and technical experience to ensure nuclear facilities have a real-time understanding of operations and the ability to mitigate and manage risk, a fact which has seen us provide services to every nuclear licensed site in the UK.

Our experience and expertise in this field has also seen Synectics Security provide extensive support to other important energy production markets including Energy from Waste facilities such as combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

Facing the same security challenges as any other organisation linked to power generation and distribution, those operating Energy from Waste processing sites also face a unique set of technical parameters dictated by the composition and consistency of waste they convert.

Tightly regulated by the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control regime and monitored by the Environment Agency, power generation facilities need the solutions they employ to extend beyond security in order to support processes and procedures vital to regulatory compliance. The extensive product portfolio we offer, together with our integration and project management heritage, means we are able to meet these requirements and deliver peace of mind.

We know the power industry. We work with the leading technology providers ‒ and our project management teams understand the regulatory pressures operators face. More importantly, we know what’s needed to get the job done.

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Access Control

Guard against unauthorised access.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Protect against intruders, vandalism and theft.

Security System Integration

Comprehensive situational awareness.

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