At Synectics Security we understand how complex and demanding campus security can be.

Spanning large geographical areas, serving and accommodating thousands of students and with multiple entry/exit points, modern university and college campuses are, in many ways, more akin to town and city centres than traditional educational facilities.

The security and surveillance issues they face, and the environment management objectives they have, reflect this.

Student safety is paramount, making solutions which help security teams proactively monitor high risk zones, see and speak with those needing assistance, and deploy incident response teams, a must. Like many local authorities, campus management teams are also looking to identify areas of financial or operational risk – for example how buildings can be managed more cost-effectively or high risk zones can be better monitored, without having to decommission existing systems. Synectics Security helps educational institutions meet these objectives.

We work in partnership with facilities to identify campus security risks, devise mitigation strategies and specify appropriate electronic security solutions – from smart card access and help point integrations with campus CCTV, to virtual and physical perimeter monitoring to secure specific zones or campus/town borders. Our planning and deployment teams then manage system implementation and integration, often outside of key hours to ensure minimal disruption and constant service provision throughout the works process.

Where required, these services can be supplemented by ongoing maintenance programmes and round-the-clock CCTV/alarm monitoring or helpdesk provision – ideal for 24/7 campus facilities.

Our Solutions

Access Control

Guard against unauthorised access.

CCTV and Video Management Systems

Video surveillance tailored to your needs.

Intruder Detection

Safeguard your buildings, assets and people.

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