Synectics Security has been enabling the transport sector to keep stations, bus depots, terminals, ports, and borders secure for decades.

The security solutions we design, install, and maintain can be found protecting transport infrastructure throughout the UK, ensuring the safety of workers and passengers alike.

Transport Networks

Network security, supporting transport organisations with large estates and multiple stations, is a key specialism.

Scalable IP networked solutions that enable analogue camera integration while also facilitating future-focussed functionality are highly relevant to both light and national rail operators. Features include live remote viewing, local control and incident escalation, secure third-party access (such as Train and Track Operating Companies and the British Transport Police), and leading-edge redundancy and resiliency to mitigate downtime risk.

The technical knowledge and support we offer in this area have seen us work with leading UK operators including Virgin Trains and Nexus. Our projects have ranged from provisioning or enhancing communications infrastructure and electronic security system components, to ensuring regulatory compliance with ‘Secure Station’ quality standards.

Our experience in servicing high-security and public-space environments – and the extensive project-management and delivery accreditations we hold as a result – has also seen Synectics Security deliver solutions for other major transport networks across the UK.

On-Vehicle Surveillance Solutions

Our intelligently integrated solutions for on-vehicle surveillance are designed with all operators in mind. From sophisticated integrated systems suitable for highly regulated urban transport providers, to easy-to-use systems for regional and specialist vehicle operators, we offer a range of flexible technology options.

Our focus is on delivering benefits that help to protect revenues and ease cost pressures.

  • Flexible – choose your preferred hardware platform, tailored to meet your needs, whether you require a complex system or a cost-effective solution.
  • Intuitive – access everything you need from web-based video and data management tools, specifically designed for transport operators.
  • Intelligent – prevent incidents and downtime before they occur and get more from your data with powerful insights and analytics.
  • Connected – leverage old and new technology via on-vehicle 4G/WiFi and access the latest safe, secure, cloud-based video and incident management tools.
  • Efficient – reduce claims or insurance costs by up to 20% per year.

Our Solutions

Security System Integration

Comprehensive situational awareness.

CCTV and Video Management Systems

Video surveillance tailored to your needs.

On-Vehicle Surveillance

Run your fleet your way.