At Synectics Security we offer a complete suite of services meet a complex matrix of security demands.

Organisations responsible for treating and distributing the gas, electricity and water we depend on, have a burden of responsibility few other sectors can match; the utilities they provide need to be instantly accessible and always safe to keep regulators and recipients satisfied. Interruption or disruption of service is not an option.

Utilities providers must therefore guard against damage, theft and malicious attack to avoid costly downtime, or particularly in the case of water companies, catastrophic contamination. They need to protect perimeters, internal environs and remote/unmanned locations, often spanning multiple sites spread over vast geographic areas. They also have a duty to promote and enforce workplace safety at all times.

At Synectics Security we offer a complete suite of services to make sure this complex matrix of security demands is met and comply with relevant regulations and legislation such as the Security and Emergency Measures Direction (SEMD).

From consultation support and individual component provision – including access control, CCTV, barriers and hatches, and intruder detection ‒ to designing, commissioning and maintaining integrated security and surveillance solutions for single sites or national networks, our specialist design engineers alleviate the burden of responsibility by guaranteeing performance.

Our commitment to quality, proven track record in projects requiring high security clearance, project management certifications and our understanding of practical necessities ‒ for example upgrading entire security systems without any operational downtime or disruption ‒ is why we are framework providers to some of the UK’s most significant utilities companies.

Our Solutions

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Protect against intruders, vandalism and theft.

CCTV and Video Management Systems

Video surveillance tailored to your needs.

Intruder Detection

Safeguard your buildings, assets and people.

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