QSG and Synectics Mobile Systems merge to create Synectics Security

Quadrant Security Group (QSG) and Synectics Mobile Systems have merged to create an exciting new business that is now known as Synectics Security.

The new Synectics Security business offers a wide range of specialist security integration services: from QSG’s electronic security systems for complex, critical or regulated environments to Synectics Mobile Systems on-vehicle transport security solutions which protect passengers, drivers, and on-board staff.

Synectics Security is led by the combined QSG and Synectics Mobile Systems management team, with Iain Stringer as Managing Director and Mark Pennington as Commercial Director. Together Iain and Mark will develop and grow Synectics Security across its markets and drive further improvements to the overall customer experience.

Iain Stringer commented: “From our base in Nottingham, the new Synectics Security business creates a larger, unified integration business that is better positioned to serve the evolving needs of our customers. The collective talent and experience within both businesses will enable us to grow and take advantage of new market opportunities.”

Mark Pennington added:  “The QSG team is rightly proud of our 45-year industry heritage. Our success is based on our innate flexibility and independence to choose the best technologies available to meet our customers’ most intricate needs, these remain as our core values as we embrace the new opportunities we have as Synectics Security.”

The combined QSG and Synectics Mobile Systems businesses will rebrand as Synectics Security over the next few months.