Synectics Security’s extensive partner and accreditations portfolio sets us apart from the crowd.

We install some of the most advanced systems on the market and are trusted to do so by manufacturers and customers alike.

Access control systems secure entry but also safeguard swift exit in the event of emergencies, making them pivotal to both security and site safety. They are at their best when integrated with other mission-critical systems which are exactly where our skills and expertise sit.

Our skilled design, project management, commissioning and service teams have supported tens of thousands of access-controlled doors, enabling the movement of people within the most complex, challenging and secure environments throughout the UK.

Scale is no challenge ‒ for one financial institution, we migrated over 1000 doors to a new access control system with zero downtime or disruption.

As well as traditional office environments, we support life critical access control-based mustering systems for nuclear power stations and complex integrated systems that control access to high-security hospitals.

Synectics Security holds accredited partner status with the leading systems providers such as CCure, Honeywell, and is a value-added reseller for Pacom.

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