Synectics Security implements barrier systems which help organisations restrict access and manage flow.

Security barriers, including turnstiles, gates and intelligent bollards, have always been an important stand-alone physical security measure but are also an increasingly vital component of holistic site security.

Integrating barriers located at site entrances, car parks, building receptions or in high footfall staff/public zones, with perimeter security systems, access control, CCTV and security management systems, provides organisations with a simple, resource-light mechanism for gaining a clear picture of who is on site at any time, and controlling their movements.

Common applications include secure automated access for couriers/suppliers with appropriate clearance, auditable data trails for personnel accessing sensitive product/data storage areas, and traffic (vehicle or pedestrian) management. When implemented as part of a networked solution, remote access/control capabilities mean that organisations with multi-site estates can also benefit from centralised site management utilising barrier technology.

For public space areas, barriers and blockers can be an effective solution to prevent unwanted entry into restricted zones and provide hostile vehicle mitigation measures (HVM) for highly secure facilities and heritage sites. Intelligent access protection, incorporating ANPR technology, can enable authorised vehicles to enter sites if they comply with specific predetermined or verified approvals.