At Synectics Security we understand the challenges faced by bus and coach operators.

Run your fleet your way, with solutions that help you to take control of on-board surveillance.

Despite a downwards trend in ridership figures and reduced budgets across the board, there’s still a range of day-to-day issues to contend with – from criminal behaviour against passengers and drivers to the burgeoning practice of fraudulent insurance claims.

Whether you run a smaller regional fleet with a ‘hands-on’ approach, or a larger urban operation with a complex logistical infrastructure, there’s a constant need to protect both passengers and profits.

On-vehicle surveillance for a 360-degree view

To establish what exactly happens out on the road, more and more operators rely on 360-degree video coverage of their vehicles. Increasingly, they are also looking to access live views of events or to quickly access post-event footage, not least to counter claims.

Here, the availability of IP technology offers great potential to capture, view, store, and manage superior-quality images. It allows you to use CCTV as an effective tool for improving passenger safety and mitigating risk.

But the migration path to a sophisticated and integrated system can take time. It is often a multi-stage process defined by budget constraints and the need to combine the latest innovations with existing technology.

How we can help

Synectics Security has developed a range of solutions to support operators at every stage of this transition.

From reliable, robust, and high-quality image capture for evidence gathering and performance monitoring, to cloud services and vehicle connectivity solutions, we offer complete flexibility in the systems we provide.

We streamline technologies to deliver more efficient fleet management, faster and safer incident handling, and on-board systems that are more dynamic and cost-effective.

Run your fleet your way

We help you to take control of on-board surveillance with intelligently integrated solutions that save time and money:

  • Flexible – freedom to choose your preferred hardware platform, tailored to meet your needs
  • Intuitive – web-based video and data management tools, designed for transport operators
  • Intelligent – pre-empt and prevent incidents before they occur and get more from data using powerful analytics
  • Connected – via on-vehicle 4G & Wi-Fi and safe, secure, cloud-based video and incident management tools
  • Efficient – reduce claims or insurance costs by up to 20% per year

Our approach is always customer-driven, allowing us to offer truly modular solutions that customers can tailor to suit their needs.