Synectics Security offers cloud-based solutions that save time, reduce costs, and support compliance.

Critical collaboration made easy.

For bus and coach operators, the process of retrieving CCTV footage to deal with incidents and insurance claims can be laborious and time-consuming.

It often involves visits to physical locations, the sharing of various external media and physical documentation between third parties, and redaction processes to ensure that the information being shared is compliant with any data protection regulations.

As a result, it can take days or even weeks to reach the point of being able to respond to incidents and claims.

How cloud services can help

Synectics Security offers cloud-based solutions that help operators to save time, reduce operational costs, and support regulatory compliance.

At the heart of these solutions is the Cloud Evidence Locker. This secure application enables the review, sharing, and management of incident footage over a Wi-Fi/4G connection, supporting efficient workflows and clear audit trails.

Operators have complete control of their digital evidence, with access to intuitive and intelligent tools that allow them to collaborate and resolve incidents more quickly. The Cloud Evidence Locker can also be integrated with a range of legacy recording equipment from various suppliers, making it a flexible and versatile solution.

Reduce the cost of claims and incident response

When systems are connected and allied with a cloud-based solution, it can reduce the time required to review claims to a matter of hours or less. In cases of fraudulent claims, this makes it quick and easy for operators to deal with issues.

In cases of successful claims against an operator, early acknowledgement of liability may allow them to take control of their cost exposure. Settlements may be reached more quickly with a claimant, and services such as vehicle repair and replacement vehicle hire can be organised directly rather than through more costly third parties.

Ensure compliance and maintain complete audit trails

The cloud offers up significant analytics capabilities that help operators to comply with regulations and save time when processing personal data. Whereas a CCTV analyst might have to spend hours or even days redacting the faces of individuals in a footage clip, a cloud-based solution can complete this task automatically in just a matter of minutes.

The Cloud Evidence Locker also has a fully automated log that records every transaction relating to an incident. Instead of relying on written documentation or information recorded in spreadsheets, operators can access a clear digital evidence trail at the click of a button.