Synectics Security offers the latest solutions for vehicle, driver and passenger safety.

Improve visibility, safety and security

Transport operators are under increasing pressure to improve driver and passenger experience while meeting stakeholder expectations to protect other road users and eliminate serious incidents.

This is why we have partnered with Stoneridge-Orlaco, a global leader in camera-monitor systems, to introduce MirrorEye® – a digital replacement for conventional mirrors.

When compared with traditional mirrors, MirrorEye offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk of collision with other road users, pedestrians, and street furniture
  • Improved visibility by reducing blind spots and enhancing manoeuvrability
  • Enhanced visibility in low-light, dark and wet conditions
  • Meets requirements of TfL Bus Safety Standard
  • Offers larger field of vision than conventional mirrors Class II, IV and V views

The compact design of the MirrorEye camera units is universal, making the solution suitable for any type of bus or coach.

Increase safety

With smaller dimensions than conventional wing mirrors, MirrorEye increases manoeuvrability and reduces the chances of object, pedestrian, and cyclist strikes. In addition, as well as providing a wider field of vision, no mirror adjustment is needed as the setup is suitable for all drivers.

Improve visibility

Unlike conventional mirrors, camera-monitor systems can guarantee improved visibility. Using integrated external digital cameras and monitors inside, the system provides a sharp and detailed image, even when faced with low sun, rain, snow, and dust. The cameras adjust effortlessly between light and dark conditions, including in tunnels, and offer optimal visibility at night with an infra-red night mode.

Prevent accidents

A MirrorEye solution can include passenger-side ‘look down’ cameras, covering statutory mirror classes II and IV.  The driver is able to have the best possible view of road users alongside and, by adding a class V camera to the same housing, see blind spots alongside their vehicle.

Meet new expectations

As part of Transport for London’s Vision Zero initiative, camera monitoring systems (CMS) must be fitted to all new buses built to operate on their routes. The Department for Transport has also approved CMS for retro fitment to existing buses.