Synectics Security helps customers by allowing them to mix and match technologies to suit their needs.

Connected systems for improved operational efficiency.

In a competitive sector shaped by a wide range of budgetary and regulatory constraints, it is vital that bus and coach operators make the most of the time and resources available to them.

From reviewing claims, dealing with criminal incidents, and managing driver performance, to ensuring that vehicle fleets remain healthy and roadworthy, the systems used play a vital role in running a smooth and efficient operation.

In many cases, however, the systems and technologies in place are disparate and disconnected, resulting in laborious processes that can take weeks to complete.

Connected solutions that save time and money

By connecting disparate on-vehicle systems and allying these with the latest technologies, operators can streamline their processes to drastically reduce the time spent on tasks such as footage retrieval or claims review.

Connected solutions also support areas such as regulatory compliance and fleet management, with features such as automated evidence trails and remote condition monitoring that further enhance overall operational efficiency.

How we can help

Synectics Security helps customers by providing integrated, end-to-end solutions that allow them to mix and match technologies to suit their needs.

These technologies include:

  • Cloud Evidence Locker – A secure cloud-based application that enables the review, sharing, and management of incident footage to support efficient incident workflows.
  • Live video – Real-time streaming of the live video feed from a connected vehicle to the control room or controller.
  • Performance dashboard & reporting – Real-time status and health monitoring of CCTV equipment and other connected systems.
  • GPS mapping & tracking – Live and historical vehicle positioning via GPS, with the ability to search by time, date, and vehicle location.
  • Driver monitoring – View of driver-based events based on pre-configured parameters such as G-force (braking, acceleration, cornering), as well as vehicle performance data via a CAN-bus interface.

Our solutions are modular, practical, and reliable. They are also hardware-agnostic, meaning customers have the flexibility to choose the system components that are right for them.

Improved connectivity for increased efficiency

The ability to view footage in real time enables faster decision-making and improved situational awareness, while quicker video search supports real-time tracking to improve fleet management.

The remote monitoring of vehicles and driver performance provides operators with more meaningful data, allowing them to see the bigger picture and be more proactive in their day-to-day operations.

All of this helps to save time and money, while improving overall operational efficiency.