Synectics Security enables you to see the bigger picture and keep costs down.

Use data to monitor performance and manage fleets.

Passenger comfort and public safety are always a top priority for operators, but poor vehicle handling can also result in fuel inefficiencies and avoidable wear and tear – issues that can ultimately lead to soaring operating costs.

Synectics Security offers data-driven solutions to help operators avoid this issue. Featuring telematics technology that automatically gathers data from vehicle systems, we help operators to securely capture and log any instances of excessive speed, unusual vehicle movement, acceleration, and braking.

Paired with GPS data and time-coded, this information is analysed and presented to operators, either via a web portal or as downloadable reports. Cab-mounted LED indicators also give instant feedback on performance, enabling drivers to focus on the most fuel-efficient and safest way of driving.

The data collected gives operators the information they require to manage and contain running costs, reduce carbon footprints, improve road safety, decrease accidents, and improve passenger comfort and safety. And, when overlaid with video footage from on-board cameras, operators also have a powerful evidence resource – for example, to protect drivers against claims of negligent or dangerous driving.