Successful Job Sharing

We’re thrilled to spotlight an innovative approach to work life balance and team work at Synectics Security job sharing! Meet Nancy and Katie – two incredible professionals who have taken the reins of a single full time position and transformed it into a dynamic job sharing success story.

Job sharing offers numerous benefits, not just for employees, but for Synectics Security as well. It allows for work life balance, both Nancy and Katie can pursue their commitments as well as excelling in their careers. It offers us enhanced productivity, with two sets of skills, perspectives and energies. They bring twice the creativity and problem solving power to their role. Their overlapping schedules and handovers ensures seamless transitions and uninterrupted workflow, providing consistent support to the team.

Synectics Security would like to wish a big thankyou for Nancy and Katie, for their dedication, teamwork and innovative approach as they are truly inspiring. They set a brilliant example of how job sharing can work seamlessly in a work place.

Nancy started with Synectics Security in 2006 and within her tenure she provided administration services to both the Service and Operations Departments. She transferred into Bid Coordination in 2018, which was daunting for her as she had never experienced bid related work previously. Following an intensive training period, Nancy rapidly became efficient and effective within this new role and has spent many years carrying out her duties to the satisfaction of her manager and the business generally. Two years ago, Nancy decided she wanted to transition to part time, where she works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and spends Monday and Friday looking after her Grandson. Her daughter (Katie) was also looking to transition back into employment following her maternity period and Nancy introduced Katie to Kev, her Line Manager, as Katie was looking to work Monday and Fridays and therefore Kev realised this job share potential would be a good fit for the department. Katie subsequently gained meaningful employment and they, together, carry out all Bid Coordination duties to Kev’s satisfaction. This job share arrangement has provided both Katie and Nancy the opportunity to work around their growing family, to which they are both grateful.

Kev Smith, Head of Bid Management of Synectics Security commented: “Nancy and Kate share an excellent working relationship (as you would expect being mother and daughter) and execute their role and duties to the high standards both I and the business require. Being family members brings synergy and harmony to the role and provides a service which is seamless in transition when both Nancy and Kate handover their duties to each other during the course of the week. I am proud to have Nancy and Kate within my team and this job share opportunity not only provides me with continuity, but also provides the opportunity for Nancy and Kate to manage and support each other and realise an excellent work life balance.”