Synectics Security launches MirrorEye into UK market

Innovative safety offering for bus and coach industry

Synectics Security has been approved to fit Alexander Dennis’ (ADL) Enviro buses with Stoneridge-Orlaco’s award-winning MirrorEye® Camera Monitor System following the camera’s newly received VCA homologation certification.

Synectics Security’s partnership with Stoneridge-Orlaco reflects its commitment to working with “best-of-breed” technology partners. MirrorEye® is a camera system that replaces mirrors on buses with integrated, digital, high-definition (HD) cameras and digital monitors, delivering improved driver vision – even in changing light conditions.

Camera Monitor Systems have already been mandated by Transport for London (TfL) as part of its Vision Zero initiative and Bus Safety Standard for all new buses operating in the capital.  This is due to the many safety benefits on offer and is a clear indicator of the potential for wider industry adoption. Interest in this capability is intensifying thanks to the Department of Transport’s ruling that such systems can also now be retrofitted.

Synectics Security is Stoneridge-Orlaco’s sole approved technology integration partner in the UK for MirrorEye.

Commenting on the partnership, Miquel Boudin, Chief Business Development Officer, at Stoneridge-Orlaco, said:Day or night, whatever the light or weather conditions, MirrorEye is designed to deliver a clear, high-resolution image of exactly what drivers need to see to keep themselves and their passengers safe – without any need for constant mirror adjustments or any worry over potential damage. All of which means they are perfect for the UK bus and coach market. We, therefore, needed the perfect integration partner to reach that market. With their experience in the industry, technical knowledge and long-standing customer relationships, Synectics Security was the obvious choice for us.”  

Having helped ADL pioneer MirrorEye, Synectics Security aims to ensure more of its customers are able to adopt the innovative new solution in the same way.

Greg Price, Head of On-Vehicle Sales at Synectics Security, commented: “The VCA approval process for Camera Monitor Systems is vehicle type-specific and extremely rigorous – as you would expect for such a crucial safety system.

“Our partnership with Stoneridge-Orlaco, coupled with our vast experience in seamless security and surveillance system integration for bus and coach, means we had the perfect team in place to help ADL receive its certification with MirrorEye, and, moving forward, that we have the knowledge and experience to ensure any customer seeking to leverage this new technology can easily do so”.

Synectics Security, created following last year’s merger of Synectics Mobile Systems (SMS) and Quadrant Security Group (QSG), is one of the UK’s largest independent security integrators specialising in transport solutions.

The new business has united SMS’ extensive on-vehicle safety and surveillance system expertise with QSG’s experience in providing electronic security solutions for infrastructure projects including bus depots, stations, and terminals.

Managing Director of Synectics Security, Iain Stringer, believes the merger is opening up a wealth of opportunities for the bus and coach industry.

Iain Stringer comments: “Two key trends have had a major impact on the UK bus and coach sector in recent years. Our progression towards an ever-more connected transport infrastructure and digitalisation – the growing recognition that technologies and digital innovations can unlock safety and security potential that just wasn’t possible before.

 “As Synectics Security, we are perfectly positioned to help bus and coach customers capitalise on the opportunities these trends present, achieve their individual goals, and secure their place in this new, connected landscape. What’s more, our partner reach is strengthened, meaning the integration and technical engineering support we offer is always matched by access to best-of-breed technologies. Technologies that ultimately make services safer, more efficient and passenger-centric.”